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Music and Performing Arts 2020 Season

Ein Heldenleben

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Ein Heldenleben

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Aquatic Ecology: World Water Day 2018



27 September 4:44am
22 March 7:30pm Boardroom

Celebrate World Water Day with immersive compositions exploring the soundscapes of aquatic ecosystems ranging from the sonic complexity of the Great Barrier Reef to melting glaciers in Antarctica.

The concert features internationally renowned and emerging composers who have pioneered the use of hydrophones (underwater microphones) in aquatic ecology and music composition. The event will open with leading freshwater ecologist Dr Simon Linke introducing the latest research in freshwater ecoacoustics using sound to monitor the health of aquatic environments.
Featuring works by Jana Winderen (Norway), Annea Lockwood (USA), Ros Bandt (Australia), Leah Barclay (Australia) and Nicole Carroll (USA)
This event is part of Griffith University’s program for World Science Festival Brisbane 2018 – an international event that explores and celebrates the entanglement of science and art.