Music and Performing Arts 2021 Season

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Music and Performing Arts 2021 Season

Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra: The Firebird

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Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra: The Firebird

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Australian Vocal Ensemble (AVE) Launch

Ensemble in Residence

Opera & Voice, Special Event

12 April 1:14am
10 April 7:00pm Conservatorium Theatre

Some of the greatest internationally lauded classical voices in the world come from Queensland and AVE want to celebrate that extraordinary tradition and make our mark on the national and international stage, tell our unique stories, celebrate our identity and place through song and establish a long lasting creative legacy for Queensland and Australia. The repertoire, like our Australian culture, will be a unique blend of the old and the new. The OLD – the glorious spiritual music of the late Renaissance and the early Baroque – the golden age of polyphonic writing. The NEW – modern music of the 20th and 21st Century, with a particular focus on new Australian music. Every performance will be predominantly acapella and every performance will feature new Australian Works and engagement with our First Nations Community through song and language.

Katie Noonan – Soprano
Andrew Goodwin – Tenor
Fiona Campbell – Mezzo Soprano
David Greco – Baritone

Ensemble in Residence at Queensland Conservatorium

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