Music and Performing Arts 2024 Season

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Music and Performing Arts 2024 Season

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PlaySpace: Music, Health & Power with Dr. Bonnie McConnell


Research, Special Event

18 April 8:28am
10 April 12:00pm Other

Please join Dr. Bonnie McConnell to discuss her book, Music, Health and Power.  The book  offers an original, on-the-ground analysis of the role music plays in promoting healthy communities. It brings the reader inside the world of kanyeleng fertility societies and HIV/AIDS support groups in The Gambia, where women use music to leverage stigma and marginality into new forms of power. Drawing on ethnographic research conducted over a period of 13 years (2006-19), the author articulates a strength-based framework for research on music and health that pushes beyond deficit narratives to emphasize the creativity and resilience of Gambian performers in responding to health disparities.

Room 3.44 (Qld. Conservatorium Research Centre)