Music and Performing Arts 2024 Season

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Music and Performing Arts 2024 Season

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Re-Searching Through the Arts: Professor Andrew Brown


25 July 12:59pm
01 August 12:30pm Ian Hanger Recital Hall
Our next Re-searching Through the Arts seminar, presented by Andrew Brown (QCAD), will look at making and sharing as research in the creative art and design. Making and sharing have long been recognised as essential methods of expressing and communicating knowledge, especially in the arts where established practices are continually adopted, refined and passed down. Recently, digital technologies have been disrupting these practices through the widespread adoption of online media sharing platforms and the emergence of generative AI tools. It is timely to reevaluate how creative arts researchers position themselves within this changing landscape and to look with fresh eyes at the role of making and sharing in knowledge creation and communication.

Professor Andrew R. Brown is an active creative practitioner and educator in interactive and digital media, focusing on music and sound. His research interests include digital creativity, computational aesthetics, and the philosophy of technology. His creative practices involve computer-assisted music performance and designing interactive audio-visual instruments and installations, with an emphasis on integrating generative processes and algorithmic co-creation.